We are for the Environment

De Luca's Pasta Factory: commitment to the Environment.

Clean Energy from the Sun

Pastificio De Luca demonstrates its commitment to the environment through concrete actions, including the installation of a 350 kW photovoltaic system on the roof of its facility.

The photovoltaic system is a tangible example of the company’s sustainable approach.

By using solar panels, to generate clean energy from the sun, Pastificio De Luca reduces its dependence on traditional energy sources and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Energia Pulita dal Sole

Long-Term Sustainability

This investment in solar energy not only reduces environmental impact, but is also a demonstration of Pastificio De Luca’s long-term commitment to sustainability.

Using renewable energy helps preserve natural resources for future generations and contributes to the fight against climate change.

We want to be an example

Pastificio De Luca is not only a producer of high-quality pasta, but also an example to follow in the food industry. Its initiative, to use solar energy, demonstrates that companies can take concrete steps to protect the environment while continuing to offer exceptional products to their customers.

The installation of the 100 kW photovoltaic system by Pastificio De Luca is an important step toward sustainability and the environment. This commitment reflects the company’s focus not only on the quality of its products, but also on the well-being of the planet we share.

Our Website is also low-carbon

With an innovative tool, we checked how much CO2 our Website generates.

pastadeluca.it produces only:

127 Kg of CO2



-34% global average CO2


In practice, this Web Site, each year, generates CO2 by a route of:

446 KM of airliner

956 KM of car

Kg of carbon dioxide that the entire Web Site emits in 12 months, considering a sample of 120,000 page views. Comparison of the energy efficiency of this Web Site with that of a reference model representing the analyzed pages on the Web.